At BC CARE LTD, we're more than just a healthcare provider – we're your dedicated partners in well-being. With a commitment to excellence and compassion, we offer expert temporary staffing solutions for care homes and personalized domiciliary care services. Our experienced team strives to enhance the quality of life for our clients by delivering tailored, top-notch healthcare solutions. Trust BC CARE LTD to be your trusted companion on your healthcare journey.

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Accessibility at BC CARE LTD

Accessibility at BC Care Ltd

BC Care Ltd is dedicated to making our services accessible to all individuals, regardless of their abilities. We strive to create an inclusive environment that supports the diverse needs of our clients, their families, and our staff. Here’s how we ensure accessibility:

Website Accessibility

Our website is designed to be user-friendly and accessible. We adhere to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to ensure that our online content is accessible to everyone, including those using screen readers or other assistive technologies.

Text Resizing and Magnification Visitors can adjust the text size or magnification of our website using browser settings. Use Ctrl and + to increase size, Ctrl and - to decrease, and Ctrl and 0 to reset. Mac users should use the Command key instead of Ctrl.

Translation Services Our website supports multiple languages and can be translated using in-browser translation tools. This ensures that non-English speakers can easily access our information.

Physical Accessibility

Facility Design Our facilities are equipped with ramps, wide doorways, and accessible restrooms to accommodate individuals with mobility challenges.

Assistive Devices We provide assistive devices to help individuals navigate our facilities safely and comfortably.

Transportation Services Our transportation services are equipped to handle wheelchairs and other mobility aids, ensuring easy access to our facilities.

Communication Accessibility

Alternative Formats We provide information in various formats, including large print, Braille, and digital formats, to cater to individuals with visual impairments.

Hearing Assistance Our facilities feature hearing loop systems and other technologies to support individuals with hearing impairments. We also offer sign language interpreters upon request.

Feedback and Contact Information

If you encounter any accessibility issues on our website or within our facilities, please contact us:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 0113 824 1978
  • Address: 408 Oakwood Lane, Oaktree House, Leeds, LS8 3LG

We will respond to your request within seven days.

Accessibility Statement

BC Care Ltd is committed to making its services accessible in accordance with the Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) (No.2) Accessibility Regulations 2018. We are continuously working to improve our accessibility measures and welcome feedback to help us better serve our community.

For more information, visit our Accessibility Statement.

Non-Accessible Content

We acknowledge that some older PDFs and documents may not be fully accessible. We are working to update these and ensure that any new content meets accessibility standards.

Reporting Accessibility Issues If you find any accessibility issues not listed here or feel we are not meeting the requirements, please contact us at the above details.

Enforcement Procedure

If you are not satisfied with our response to your complaint, you can contact the Equality Advisory and Support Service (EASS).

BC Care Ltd is committed to providing inclusive and accessible services for all. Your accessibility is our priority.

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